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Why Content is the Enterprise Mobility Goal for Indian Businesses in 2015

Jeff Baum, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, AirWatch by VMware
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Jeff Baum, Managing Director - Asia Pacific,  AirWatch by VMware
Atlanta based AirWatch by VMware is a provider of enterprise mobility management software and standalone management systems for content, application and email

An increasingly mobile workforce has created a pressing need for electronic access to all enterprise content. In another move toward the consumerization of IT, today's tech-savvy workers have responded by turning to cloud-based, consumer file sync and share services, such as Dropbox. According to Forrester, 21 percent of global information workers already use consumer file sync and share services for corporate documents.

In 2014, Indian businesses focused on enabling their mobile workforce with the help of mobile device, application and email management, summed up as enterprise mobility management (EMM). In 2015, businesses will start to focus on content distribution and enablement through enterprise file sync and share (EFSS). In summary, content is king and consumerization has made EFSS a must.

Because consumer file sync and share services such as Dropbox exist outside companies' controlled IT environments, they expose documents to myriad data security threats. Companies must provide a viable alternative, both to empower employees to access content and to mitigate data loss risks. Implementing an enterprise-grade content management solution can help enterprises take control of their content and, in so doing, boost effectiveness, encourage collaboration and make information easier to share.

Many enterprises are moving well beyond the basic uses of content management (such as secure file storage in organized libraries) to tackle deeper business requirements that need strong process efficiency as well. This has led organizations to increasingly regard EFSS as an environment for solutions that fit their business needs.

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