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BluePi: Unfurling Cloud's Utmost Potential to Optimize Clients'Cost as well as Performance

Kanak Prabha
Monday, February 9, 2015
Kanak Prabha
Most of today's public cloud is available for self-service, since it requires minimal to no competency for setting up. However, it definitely takes an expert to unfurl cloud's utmost potential to optimize its cost and performance. For instance, an Indian enterprise lost their faith in cloud due to the humungous cost being spent on their existing CMS deployment. Fortunately, BluePi consulting, a frontline cloud computing company, who is one of the very few experts with aforementioned skills, transformed cloud as a viable financial option for them by bringing down 50 percent of cost without sacrificing any performance metrics.

Amidst other cloud providers running one horse pony show, BluePi leverage its expertise across multiple cloud ecosystems to make intelligent decisions for clients based on their unique requirements. Being a partner of Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix and IBM software, BluePi stands apart with better understanding of most of the public and private cloud vendors and enjoys ample technical support. Hence, the Gurgaon headquartered company is highly capable of creating indomitable customized solutions that help clients' business traverse in desired growth trajectory. Blue Pi's differentiated services includes IaaS (Infrastructure As a Service), where they implement vCloud Director™ customization by using the public SDKs and APIs provided by VMware and PaaS (Platform As a Service) where the company has deployed platform as a service environments like Cloudfoundry™ and Heroku™ for several projects.

When BluePi was founded in 2012 by Pronam Chatterjee and Raman Makkar, the company's primary focus was on U.S. and Canada. Noting the cloud fever has caught India very recently, the e-Commerce and media domains are currently embracing public cloud aggressively. Forecasting such growing maturity, the company also started focusing on Indian market in 2014. In a short span of 6 months, BluePi not only achieved a significant growth in revenue, but filled their clientele basket with Hindustan Times, Yum!, GINESYS, Shoplik.com, Xerox and numerous others. "Clients greatly appreciate our amazingly transparent system, where we share our progress, entire plan and audit facts online with them," says Pronam Chatterjee, Founder, BluePi Consulting.

Most people reckon BluePi's exceptional capability of performing cost reduction and optimization of entire environment with a simple audit is too good to be true. Hence, it is a Herculean task to demystify cloud and educate clients to share BluePi's beliefs. Their team has a threadbare discussion to provide clients with a staged roadmap to transform to cloud computing. Being a small organization with 35 employees, BluePi believes in an informal, unstructured work culture. People at BluePi play different roles when they move to different projects, depending on the skill set they bring to table. The company that embraces SCRUM methodology has several fun activities like a monthly outing. BluePi has strong plans to extend its wings to Bangalore in another 6 months and hope to spread out to other Indian metros eventually. The company also aims to have presence in U.S., although their current focus is completely shed on the rapidly maturing Indian market.

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