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October - 2006 - issue > People Manager

What Type Are You?

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Saturday, September 30, 2006
C Mahalingam (Mali)
Just in case you wonder what makes some shine and some do not as People Managers, here is my theory around that in this piece! While published literature is replete with management styles and leadership traits as to what makes managers tick, I am taking a more pragmatic and what-you-see-everyday view of this aspect. While the intent is not to pigeon-hole the managers, it is inevitable that you bracket them into a few categories to better understand how success or failure is more a function of the choices these managers make.

If you are a shrewd observer of People Managers, you notice that they come under one of the following four categories:
Category 1: Managers who make things happen
(the Action Heroes)
Category 2 : Managers who watch things happen
(the Watchful Wardens)
Category 3 : Managers who wonder what is happening around (the Clueless Captains); and
Category 4 : Managers ‘to whom’ all those things might be happening!!! (the Classic Comedians!)

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