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Making IT Fun

Sanjeev Jain
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Sanjeev Jain
Every week about 600 techies at GCI Solutions get an email containing a new trivia about the company. Labeled as ‘Did You Know,’ the mail tells them facts about the company’s 16-year-old history, its businesses and even about the accolades and rankings the company has achieved. CEO Jawahar Bekay says, “People here like that mail a lot.”

Bekay has a reason to say that. Right since 2003, GCI has been one of the top Indian founded companies in the U.S., providing IT consulting services and solutions to Fortune 2000 customers. It has over 3000 employees working in 20 offices and 6 global delivery centers.

Being Special Helps
Though its customers range from Telecom to BFSI, Pharmaceuticals to Insurance, Manufacturing to the Government, majority of its services are centered on e-business. With enterprises looking at improving the effectiveness of their business using the Internet, GCI has been working on web solutions. “We were a market leader in Web 1.0. Similarly we are doing cutting edge work on Web.2.0,” says Bekay. With Web 2.0 showing promise as is visible from various companies spawning in this sector, GCI has a lot to gain. Its engineers work on technologies that revolve around web portals, contents, transactions, collaborations and applications. In the last two years, they have launched two versions of Extended Supply Chain Management (xSCM) that looks after the entire series that includes demand, selection, planning, multiple order, data logistics, transportation and logistics for a leading manufacturing, retail and logistics industry player. As the team here is also involved in building applications from ground up, techies are involved in architectural work, besides, migrating Web 1.0 application to Web 2.0.

With the surge in usage of mobile devices across the world including India, device testing is one industry that excites techies the most. It is also a potential money-spinner. Keeping this in mind, GCI has set up a device-testing lab in Bangalore that can also test various networks, protocols like bluetooth and WiFi. Bekay says, “We work with some of the largest industrial grade mobile manufacturers in the world.” GCI also has a strong RFID team in Bangalore that is aimed at the growing organized retail sector. It recently started working on enterprise software support and planning for the ERP and is developing software on Net Weaver.

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