Virtual Employee: Redefining Staffing Realm with Quality Virtual Staffing

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Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
Outsourcing is a dual-edged sword. While its one edge is a boon, the other a bane that sometimes eats your unwanted budget and you lose a significant amount of control over the outsourced project. While MNCs across the world can afford this, SMBs' budget does not permit them to. But, imagine an alter ego, especially from India - the epitome of talent, that offers a dedicated workforce which makes internationalizing of clients- businesses hassle-free, cost-effective and a happy experience by effectively managing their offshore team (not outsourced) that is housed miles away in a well-managed and well-established offices, while they also are given flexibility to customize the team according to the demands of the project without the constraints of contract. Imagine them all being offered under one umbrella.

No, we are not talking about freelancing, but the revolutionary concept of Virtual Employees. Architected by cementing the collective thoughts of a second generation senior IT professional Narinder Singh Mahil and his son Shaunvir Singh Mahil, their brainchild Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. (VEPL) has been instrumental in sufficing the aforementioned exclusivities and in enabling companies abroad, predominantly North America and Europe-based small organizations, to hire directly from India.

Proffering the Virtual Bliss

"We wanted SMBs to work with 'employees' and not 'freelancers', since the latter were singularly unsuited to the daily, ongoing kind of work that SMBs were struggling with. Our concept sufficed our purpose and in fact, we are the only company offering a client their very own Global In-house Center (GIC) in India at zero-investment cost, while the daily nitty-gritty of office management is managed by us," elaborated Narinder (Chairman), the linchpin of VEPL. Aiding underserved needs of small companies with the massive talent pool of India, the company has evolved to be the most flexible and cost-effective online employee supermarket and possesses crme de la crme of the dedicated resources who work as in-house locally hired employee. The clients are given separate cabins from which their supervised team operates and the crew is kept in touch with its respective companies through multiple collaboration tools.

This virtual team goes beyond the mundane vending chores and works hand-in-hand with clients' on their projects, thus fading away the geographical distance. But the question arises, do these clients have the power to select who will be a part of their team? Yes, they do. Post two rounds of deep scrutiny from VEPL, including the technical round, the client has the right to take the third round of interview and select his own employees, without having to worry about the background checking and other mission-critical processes. The Team Model also enables a client to acquire either a team of employees in the same domain or a team of mixed skills from varied domains. Apart from this, the clients can visit their virtual employees anytime they wish to, to get the real-time update of their projects and train them when needed. If a company decides to terminate a virtual employee after a project, VEPL's HR takes the processes forward and the particular employee is then absorbed in-house or becomes a part of another client.

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