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Varaha Sys- Enabling Enterprise Mobility

Jayakishore Bayadi
Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Jayakishore Bayadi
“Hey John, I’d been trying to connect a customer to your desk. I believe you just missed an important call,” the operator informed. Though John can listen to the voice message left by the customer and call him back, many such instances in a day could swallow much of his productive time. Now imagine a scenario like this. John is away from his cubicle. He may be in the conference room or even out of the office at a coffee shop. The operator tries to connect a customer call to John’s four-digit PBX (telephone switching system within an enterprise) extension. Normally, the call would roll to John’s office voice mail. But John’s cell phone rings and he is able to talk to the customer just like he is sitting at his desk. And thus, wherever John is, he can be always connected to his office wireline number via his cell phone.

With uMobility, a fixed-mobile-convergence (FMC) solution, which makes the above situation a reality, Varaha Systems is all set to lead the FMC space on its own way. This Dallas, Texas based FMC Solutions Company, founded in 2003 by two wireless veterans Jogen Pathak, CEO, who holds several patents in this space and Prasad Govindarajan, CTO. Varaha team has created a comprehensive, network and location agnostic solution called uMobility, which unifies voice, data, and applications on a single handset. uMobility extends the reach of the enterprise to anywhere any time, so that a company executive should not miss even a single call from his customers or mobilized workforce, staying connected to their desk even on the go. “We believe mobility is the lifestyle today. The mobile phone is a platform for data as well as voice applications. With our solution the goal is to forge a secure, high-quality, unswerving link between mobile users and the enterprise data and voice features in order to do their jobs efficiently and effectively,” explains Pathak.

The Market Demand

Today more than 70 percent of enterprise workers are still not able to stay connected with their customers and colleagues every time, says an analyst study. And this is the opportunity the company is trying to explore. “We plunged into this space when we saw great opportunity to create a “mobile desk”— enabling cell phones as the primary communications tool by exploiting enterprise data and voice features that have only been available to office workers,” informs Pathak.

Along with enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses, Varaha is exploring the opportunity to sell their products to wireless carriers and wireline service providers as well. For wireline service providers the solution is useful because nowadays many of their hosted PBX or residential VoIP subscribers are using cell phones at the office and at home. In both cases, the cellular operators capture the talk minutes, draining valuable business from the wireline network. In this case uMobility lets them win back that voice traffic while solving important problems for their subscribers. It lets wireline service provider’s subscribers answer their office or home phone directly from their cell phone thus enhancing the use of the wireline service.

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