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Togglehead: Walking the Talk in Digital Marketing Avenues

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Anamika Sahu
'If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it' - said Toni Morrison. Following her words were three friends Aatef Bham, Akshay Popawala and Krish Ramnani. It was two years ago when they found themselves stuck with the likes of Google who were not big on pay cheques and decided to build a company that will walk the talk. After weeks of discussion and brain storming, the three musketeers founded Togglehead - a digital marketing company - in December 2012 that focused much of the initial attention on getting the internal workings straight.

But the company had tough time finding their strength as they were on the boat with no oarsman to guide them. It took them a while to figure out their complete scope of work, their fortes and the time-cost ratio to their services. "Initially we may have focused too much on easier and less rewarding tasks, while too little on important deliveries. With time and experience comes the realization that you don't have to take up every project, but just enough to keep your plate full," says Akshay Popawala, Co-Founder, Togglehead.

Within a short span of time, Togglehead has built a team of young enthusiasts bursting with creativity in their services making their clients happy. The trio who are floating in the tender age of 23 is still learning with each passing day. The company puts firm attention to services with no conciliation. While several digital marketing companies enforce their clients to opt almost all of their offerings, Togglehead believes in providing the needed anti-doses for better cure. They study the need, the potential of the platform and the audience before providing any suggestions to their clients. "There is a very high agency turnover in the digital marketing industry and brands switch their agencies almost annually. Majority of them do so due to the overpromise done by agencies and eventual under delivering," adds Krish Ramnani, Co-Founder, Togglehead.

But through the experienced team of 23 'Togglers' a.k.a. members, the company helps promote a brand online through their services to better communicate the right story to the right audience. Currently, the company operates in three broad verticals: Digital Marketing, Branding and IT consultancy. This covers services like social media marketing, website design & development, Android and iOS app development, corporate identity creation, rebranding, media buying, SEO integration, campaign management and other related services. Togglehead is certified and an agency partner with social media platforms including Facebook India.

At Togglehead, Intrapreneurship is given limitless prominence. "We provide funds and assistance to 3 internally conceptualized properties, two of which are media blog properties while one is an online information portal," adds Aatef Bham, Co-Founder, Togglehead. The ideation of two location-based mobile apps is under the go. For the next five years, Togglehead looks to have expanded their presence from Mumbai and Delhi to three other Indian cities and aims to be one of the top five digital marketing agencies in India while heading towards getting international recognition for their campaigns.
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