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Secret Key to the heart of Venture Capitalists

Vani Kola, Managing Director, Kalaari Capital
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Vani Kola, Managing Director, Kalaari Capital
Kalaari Capital is a $160 million venture capital fund with a strong advisory team in Bangalore investing in early-stage, technology-oriented companies in India.

We are at the doorstep of the era dreamt by visionaries for centuries. Not only newer technologies are emerging every day but also the existing technologies are being utilized in a newer way. For instance, mobile phones which were merely used for entertainment consumption is now being used in health and wellness. Likewise, social media is transforming the customer service industry. Being a major technology investor, we seek for someone who employs technology to create such disruptive value. Currently, we invest predominantly in mobile, enterprise, internet services, education, healthcare and social media. As technology trends change every so often, even in mature space like online travel we look for a company who can rethink the space with unique ideas that will provide profound integration of social, customer and interesting usability.

Commitment is the Key

Though we look into the technology or the offerings of the company before funding, we also consider the quality of entrepreneurs and their vision to create a large business that can mould them as a leader in the market space. But their commitment towards transforming this idea into reality is imperative. Apart from the team's capability to work in the chaos of a startup, their ability to learn continuously and transforming their business value is equally important. Along with the clarification of the basic idea as a consistent plan margin, if one had a deep understanding of the unique economy and scope of the market space, they will have a better chance of interesting the VC. Amidst the large market, one must be clear about the unique value proposition that will multiple the investments.

From 2006, numerous startups are getting funded significantly in Series A and even Pre-series A in angel as well as VC investments. Especially, there are particularly high VC investments giving a chance to these startups to prove their potential. Though we can't compete with developed countries like U.S. who started the investing concept 40 years ago, there still is a lot of interest in India. However, the companies must show that they can generate good return and has a policy good enough to support the investors. Otherwise, the interest will wither away.

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