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The Travel Manager

SI Team
Sunday, July 1, 2012
SI Team
Business travel can be a pain, especially when it comes to knowing you can and can’t include on your expense account when you return. What expenses are covered by the company policies and what not is not only confusing but also tiring while keeping track of it. This is something Steve Singh realized in the early 90s when he travelled extensively while working for a software company. Steve Singh traveled regularly and accumulated over $100,000 in business travel receipts. It was this problem that led to the founding of Concur. Founded in 1993, Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions that provides services for more than 15,000 clients and more than 15 million users worldwide. Its solutions help you remain compliant with your company’s policies and still enjoy your trip as much as possible. Today, nearly two decades later, including a successful IPO behind, continues to create a buzz by keeping up with the technology trends and foreseeing demands. And the man behind this successful streak of the company is none other than Steve Singh, CEO, Concur himself. In a candid chat with siliconindia, Steve Singh shares his thoughts on technology trends, competition and vision to stay ahead of the game.

Market Opportunities for the IT Players today

We think there is a tremendous opportunity for technology companies who serve the enterprise to leverage mobility and combine that with the trend of consumerization of applications. When done right, we think you will see enthusiastic adoption by end-users/employees, who will use these tools to solve real business needs, in turn helping their companies to streamline processes and drive down costs.

Trends & Opportunities in the Market today

At Concur, we have identified four key trends – mobile, local, social, and personalization and are focused on delivering continued innovation around these areas. But enabling all these is nothing but Cloud Computing itself.

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