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The Men who Changed the Game for Mobile Monetization

Anamika Sahu
Friday, November 30, 2012
Anamika Sahu
Simple Questions

It all started with a question—a simple yet profound question that would shape a fledgling industry into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse: “How will all these new mobile app developers make money?”

The founders of Mobclix weren't the only ones asking this question, but what they did next led to the creation of one of the hottest startups in the mobile advertising industry—and then to its merger with the largest publically traded mobile focused company in the world, Velti (Nasdaq: VELT). The journey was far from easy, but they stayed true to their vision, and they stayed together—from the Palo Alto coffee shop where Mobclix was founded, to the basements and garages where its operations began, to the forefront of mobile innovation.

Long before mobile was a major force, the founders of Mobclix had a vision for changing how companies initiate, develop, and deliver advertising and marketing initiatives across the mobile channel. More than a decade later, their focus and reach have expanded dramatically; in 2012, Mobclix touched over a quarter billion consumers worldwide. The Velti team now has a global footprintwith more than 1100 employees in over 35 countries. The company supports Fortune 500 companies around the world in delivering innovative mobile advertising and marketing campaigns that reach their consumers and drive increased awareness, loyalty, and engagement with their brand. With access to over 4 billion consumers across the globe, Velti is changing the game for mobile marketing.

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