The Digital Age Contact Centers

Saket Setu, CEO, C-Zentrix
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Saket Setu, CEO, C-Zentrix
Headquartered in Gurgaon, the cloud platform of C-Zentrix serves the B2C segment and small businesses that are looking to setup contact centers not bigger than 200 seats. The entity is discovering top tech-driven advancements in contact center industry that are transforming the way companies connect with consumers.

Five contact center industry advancements you must know:

In the mind of a consumer, a company’s brand is as strong as the speed and usefulness of response it offers to their queries. To be sensitive towards consumer needs, companies therefore, must have contact centers that are modern, responsive and most importantly helpful. Traditionally, contact centers are concentrated on voice-business. Remember, they were known as ‘call centers’ earlier. They focused on offering services at the lowest possible cost, turning the whole industry highly price-competitive. From Mexico to India to China to Vietnam to Philippines, the low-cost advantage has been shifting continuously. For India to maintain its leadership position, companies must focus on high-value businesses and on digitalizing their consumer-connect. Technology-driven advancements can help India maintain its strategic edge in the market which is over populated by price-warriors. Let’s examine these advancements that promise to transform the contact center industry soon.

Omni Channel Approach

According to Dimension Data’s 2015 contact center benchmarking report, digital interactions account for over 35 percent of all the customer interactions. The report predicts that digital interactions will overtake voice interactions in two years and non-voice traffic will grow by 87 percent. Going forward, contact centers will need to develop multi-channel capabilities such as Web chat, email, video-chat and social connect besides voice-communication.

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