Leverage the Power of Technology to Reward Customers with Cashback

Dharmesh Kothari, Co-Founder & Director, Burnbill
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Dharmesh Kothari, Co-Founder & Director, Burnbill
Headquartered in Mumbai, Burnbill is a new age cashback program that enables consumers to earn cashback everywhere and spend it anywhere on shopping, dining, entertainment & lifestyle.

For generations, the basics of retail shopping have remained more or less the same. People who want to buy something usually go to a nearby store or look up ads in newspapers for discounts or deals before making a purchase. However, with technology playing an important part in our daily lives, customers are now heavily dependent upon the internet and their smartphones to make purchase decisions. With e-Commerce being one of the biggest disruptors in retail, ventures such as Burnbill are heavily investing in technology that connects offline retailers with their customers virtually. They are keen to establish a strong connection between shoppers and brick-and-mortar stores using technology and want to help retailers reach out to customers quickly, regardless of where the customers might be.

The first massive online transaction started with the Indian Railways. The unique ticketing system made booking railway tickets easier and faster. Soon, the entire travel and hospitality industry had adopted technology to ensure smoother systems, more compelling promotional deals and best-rate offers. Presently, the travel industry has gone almost completely online and has been a pioneer in the app & online eco-system by partnering with online travel portals. In the same way, it’s time for local businesses and retailers to respond to the changing customer preferences with the help of technology. It is not a case of competition between technology versus interaction, reality & experience oriented shopping versus virtual shopping, but an ideal coming together of the offline and the online mode. It provides a brick-and-mortar retailer a new opportunity to maintain relations with buyers, inform them aboutexclusive discounts and deals to sustain, and expand, a loyal buyer base.

By Establishing an Online Presence, Local Businesses & Merchants can:

  • Gain good visibility online and offline

  • Boost their brand and build trust in the minds of customers

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