The Devops Culture Change Goes Way Beyond It

Ramki Ramamurthy
VP, Application Services-Dell
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Ramki Ramamurthy
DevOps got its name from its inclusion of IT Operations participants on application development teams.

That's unfortunate, because Dev + Ops is not only what's least interesting about DevOps, it's also its most transient characteristic: Companies like Pivotal, RedHat and Chef are providing so much automation for provisioning, integration, isolation, and deployment, that Operations' role in DevOps is shrinking on a daily basis.

What the name does hint at is that at its core DevOps isn't about processes, or techniques, or tools.

Talk to anyone who's been through the DevOps transformation and you'll hear the same thing: Before it's anything else, DevOps is a change in culture.

For those who have been through it, this change in culture is often so permeating that articulating just what it means can be difficult.

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