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Techolution Mobi: Developing 'Build Once, Deploy Everywhere' Technology

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kanak Prabha
When the first Star Wars movie was released in the year 1978, it left the audiences stunned by the awe inspiring futuristic scientific technologies. Today, after almost four decades, we can see a lot of these technologies alive or under development. The people who realized this technology drift sooner are the market leaders of today and are experiencing great growth but the people who didn't. In today's competitive business world, it is imperative for companies to step out from their old school methodologies and be future ready. With a determination to deliver today the technologies of 2020, a New York City based consulting company – Techoloution Mobi, invested its focus on Mobile, Big Data and Internet of Things, which are the vision and future of tomorrow. The company which has excelled in delivering the best customer outsourcing services to their clients provides varied range of services, specially customized to meet every client's technical and financial requirements.

In order to prepare themselves and their clients for the rapidly changing economies, the company has gathered a highly experienced team who are preparing businesses for the new economy that is becoming more dependent on the technologies of the future. Also, their team, who over the years have believed in developing 'build once, deploy everywhere' technologies, aids clients in reducing their development costs without compromising on quality and time to market. Amongst 100s of other reason which differentiates Techolution from their rivals, the foremost factor is that the company understands the DNA of their clients and helps them in selection of where to invest in operational and informational technologies which at the end would improve their customer experience, reduce costs, prevent equipment and process failure, and provide a safe and healthy workplace. The start-up, having competed head-on with the bigwigs of the mobile and big data industry, dedicate their complete potential into new generation innovations, technologies and ideas in order to deliver unrivaled digital products and services which blossoms into billion dollar businesses overnight. Luv Tulsidas – Co-Founder & Chief of Client Success, Techolution, says, "Irrespective of the sector you are and the kind of technology the people are dealing with, the knowledge and passion of technology is much more important than the passion of the vertical. At the end of the day, passion makes things happen".

Embedded with zeal to position Techolution as a leading provider in its area of expertise, the company has planned its five working days in a very subtle manner. The Mondays are the planning days, where everybody proposes the ideas they have and discuss on it. Tuesdays to Thursdays, they indulge themselves in the work to be done. But Fridays are special days which are celebrated as innovation day, which brings out their social aspect as well. "We function on a very simple strategy, where we research on what our clients need and whether we would be able to deliver the solution or not. If positive, then we come up with ideas, invest target to research, understand clients business and then help them succeed in their business, which at the end brings client's happiness which is above everything else," concludes Luv. With an aim to develop technology solutions that would make a difference on people's lives, Techolution success is entrenched in their culture and their team.

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