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Synerzip: Putting Venture-Backed Companies on the Top Gear

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Not all entrepreneurs with a sizzling technology and venture capital funding succeed and become millionaires. The rate of failure among venture-backed companies is much higher than what the industry usually cites. There are few companies who return the original investment to their investors, and only a hand full of companies are able to produce substantial returns. While the big development firms chase only the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. for offshore software development, the smaller venture-backed companies that need high quality software development are highly underserved. Knowing the pulse of this largely untouched market, the 2004 founded company, Synerzip, offers in-depth expertise in Agile software product development to venture funded small/mid-sized software companies focused on social media, mobile, big data analytics, cloud and enterprise software.

In the midst of changing business realities, it's tricky for start-ups to accelerate their product road map and rapidly ramp up their R&D teams. Finding quality software professionals locally for global clients is an additional challenge. Synerzip becomes a development partner for these start-ups in their expansion stage to help accelerate their product road map. Synerzip attracts and retains the right mix of talent which is essential for building successful software development teams to match client requirements. Furthermore, Synerzip helps venture backed companies with special software expertise around Mobile Development, Cloud Enablement, QA Testing and others.

Saving Those Extra Miles

Synerzip is headquartered in U.S. and has its development center in India. This dual shore model provides clients the ability to tap into Synerzip's superior engineering talent while cutting development costs by 50 percent using Agile principles. Businesses access Synerzip's India based development capacity rather than building their own costly development centers. This saves them from management distractions of infrastructure, hiring, retention, costs, risks involved and more.

Synerzip helps those companies that are in their expansion round of funding to channelize the monies raised by them in a cost effective manner. "They can use the same amount money to produce twice the results they would have otherwise achieved. Synerzip adds significant business flexibility by serving as an extension to current software product development efforts and helps clients with a dedicated software development team using cutting edge software skills," says Hemant Elhence, Founder & CEO.

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