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Parallel Minds: Blending Unparallel Technicality with Emerging Business Trends

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Kavitha G.
In the exponentially growing business environment, it is indeed a tough task for any corporate to stay up-to-second with the emerging trends as well as maintaining the quality and efficiency of software systems and products. The monotonous manual testing processes which used to lead to a catastrophic impairment in the system and in the revenue growth subsequently made way for automated testing which not only cropped out the time constrains, but also augmented efficiency, effectiveness and the coverage of software testing. However, automated testing is still questioned for its easy and cost-effective affordability and there are also comparatively less companies who offer end-to-end solution for both software development and testing. Conceived to cover that dearth, Parallel Minds has been offering specialized frameworks not only for testing and developing software but also has been the elixir for the predicaments of web and desktop, mobility, cloud, enterprise collaboration & user interface and user experience.

Founded by an industry expert, Parag Bihade in 2008, Parallel Minds mainly focuses on implementing its forte in development of product engineering services and testing operations, delivering comprehensive technical support to fulfill the IT requirements of businesses. It takes a greater pride in its white-box and black-box testing which are two of the well-known and extensively used test design methods today. Backed up with Six Sigma belt Test Lead that ensures highest quality, its testing tools facilitate in-depth custom automation framework development, code coverage analysis and functional unit testing.

Applying its expertise in mobile application development such as device management and security, unified communication, collaboration and cloud, the brand offers a hassle-free and hitch-free development and deployment in industry leading cloud environments. The IAAS, PAAS and SAAS solutions offered by the company are executed on coveted platforms enabling businesses on clouds in a flexible approach. Additionally the corporate also provides Bespoke application development at mobile-tab-web-on cloud.

The products which are sculpted at Parallel Minds are greatly underlined with high level of technical ability and innovation. The company has brought out many cloud enabled solution initiatives namely School Unified Communication and PAQS. "School Unified Communication (SUC) is majorly engineered to deliver tablet based video conferencing as an integrated communication platform benefitting students, teacher, parents and school administration. The product which encompasses students, teacher, parents and school admin models, works as a combination of web and tablet platforms leveraging a learning management system and an engaging learning environment," proclaims Parag Bihade, Founder & Director, Parallel Minds.

As a GOLD partner of Microsoft, Parallel Minds is hugely appreciated for their stable and strong command on Microsoft Technologies. In oil and gas domain the company has specially fabricated software development services which are integrated user-experience-mobility-desktop-web-on cloud solutions. Parallel Minds also have shed its experience in developing applications on most of the smart phone platforms.

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