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Sumati: A Place Where People Work WITH rather than FOR the Company

Brinda Das
Friday, June 26, 2015
Brinda Das
The Sumati Group (Sumati) established in 2010 is a technology enabled services company dedicated to the Legal, Compliance & Information Management (LCIM) market. Based in Chandigarh, the company was founded by tenured business leaders who created a management team of renowned lawyers, technologists and business process experts. With Office of General Counsel and the CIO of household name global corporations as its esteemed clients, Sumati has also established a niche in tech-enabled services that include Contract Risk Management, Contract Migration, Operational eDiscovery, and Patent and Trademark Prosecution.

Alone We make a Brick, Together We make a Building

Sumati believes that teams coming together are a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success. Hence, all the work done in the company is through collaboration that not only delivers superior results to clients but also fosters camaraderie and boosts morale - all of which result in higher retention. While Sumati offers great exposure in various legal and technical realms, it also allows fresh entrants to have first hand practical experience and immediate client interaction. Sumati associates also are encouraged to take lessons from mistakes (vs. being punished for mistakes), which also helps in the retention process.

"We all make mistakes. However, we believe that people always endeavour to do the right thing. Sometimes, they may not do it right, and that's ok. Mistakes are learning moments, not times for imposing a penalty," asserts Prashant Dubey, President & CEO at Sumati.

Sumati lives up to its name - pure mind and pure intent in whatever they do. This translates into a core value of trust that not only enables the efficient functioning of the organization but also infuses positivity and transparency in the work environment.

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