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Vinod Bidarkoppa
Director (IT) & CIO-Tesco HSC
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Vinod Bidarkoppa
Tesco HSC is the group operating and technology centre for Tesco (LSE: TSCO.L),
a $115 billion turnover company - world\\\\\\\'s third largest retailer with presence in 12 countries.

Rising GDP growth, burgeoning population, greater disposable income, and increasing
consumer spending are combining to drive the global retail industry. The global retail markets are constantly evolving as the shopping
habits of the consumers are changing rapidly while the demand is surging with growing population. We can observe a new phase of global connectivity which is changing the way we source and share ideas. A new wave of creativity has been unleashed where no single country or company has the lead on innovation
today. The flow of ideas is multidirectional
and the front runners will be those who can take ideas from all over and leverage them in different ways and across different places. There is a huge shift taking place from brick and mortar to online and mobile channels.

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