Communication Services Redefined

Badri Rajasekar
VP of Engineering-TokBox
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Badri Rajasekar
TokBox is part of Telefonica Digital and headquartered in San Francisco. It provides a free API that allows anyone to add group video chat features to their own websites. TokBox has received $14 million in series A and B funding.

Where I work in San Francisco, we see many new and innovative startups popping up around us seemingly every week. These new companies have a
distinct advantage over established firms when it comes to how they use communication solutions to power their businesses. Unlike larger organizations,a new startup today can start with a completely clean slate of new technologies that works best for the team. Increasingly, these are so called "no footprint" communications solutions that are cloud based and purchased on a monthly basis. With little
or no capital outlay needed and with everyone using the same new systems, employees can focus on executing the business strategy rather than having to wrestle with communications barriers
and issues.

Legacy Systems and Platform Interoperability

We have all seen them – the powerful HD video conferencing hardware device that sits in the meeting room at the end of the hall. These systems are capable of delivering beautiful audio and video, but they mostly go unused.

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