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Skyhigh Networks: Assisting Enterprises to Enable Entire Cloud Adoption Lifecycle

SI Team
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
SI Team
Majority of enterprises are leveraging cloud due to its scalability, agility, and affordability. Along with reducing cost by sharing computing and storage resources, these new features have a direct impact on security. This phenomenon has led to a growing demand in businesses for visibility to understand and manage risk and ensure data protection. Campbell, CA based Skyhigh Networks enables firms to embrace cloud services with appropriate levels of security, compliance, and governance for financial services, healthcare, high technology, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and legal customers. We give enterprise IT organizations immediate visibility, insight, and control so that they can adopt the right cloud service without friction to the employee or the provider, says Rajiv Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Skyhigh Networks.

Skyhigh Networks provides CSOs and CIOs an easy-to-use, cloud-based, multi-tenant service to discover and control employee use of variety of cloud services in various categories. The company's Cloud Services Manager gives enterprises total control over the access to cloud and data being shared from mobile devices or corporate network hence allowing them to know which cloud services their employees use and risks involved.

Another robust product offered by the company-Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker, enables and accelerates secure adoption of cloud services, rapid discovery, instant analysis, and 3-click security services. Skyhigh Networks' cloud access security broker (CASB) is trusted by enterprises to securely enable numerous cloud services, including shadow IT and sanctioned IT. With the aid of company's solution, organizations leverage a single cross-cloud platform to gain visibility into cloud usage and risks. Ital so assists businesses in providing consistent, audited, compliant security policy enforcements as cloud-based services.

Skyhigh Networks provides highly differentiated solutions that ensure complete data security. In addition, pervasive cloud control and best-in-class DLP are also distinguished features of the company's offerings. The company's solutions provide frictionless deployment within the customers' existing infrastructure avoiding additional cost and complexity for users. Skyhigh Networks also tokenizes users' sensitive enterprise data on-premises using Privacy Guard allowing extra layer of security through its services. The company further provides their customers with most advanced, scalable, capable and enterprise proven CASB solution that leads to pleasant overall consumer experience.

In one such instance an eminent customer of Skyhigh Networks, realized that simply blocking cloud applications is not effective and they needed to understand how their employees can leverage cloud services to improve productivity without sacrificing security. The client also required a way to streamline the identification and assessment of cloud services that met security and compliance requirements. The customer deployed Skyhigh Cloud Security Manager to understand its employees' cloud usage and assess the enterprise-readiness of cloud services. The product integrated with the organization's existing firewalls, and cautioned users when they visited high-risk services and us hered them toward enterprise-ready alternatives thus allowing clients' employees to access wide range of services while fulfilling security and compliance requirements.

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