February - 2016 - issue > CIO Insights

Simplified Deployment and Management of Data Center and Network Operations

Ari Bose
VP & CIO-Brocade
Monday, February 1, 2016
Ari Bose
I see four big challenges in technology that the networking industry needs to address:

1. Security-End-to-End security covering data center, networks, and end points-this needs to be predictive and enable smart analytics to baseline traffic flow both internal and external and identify anomalies.

2. Data Center and private cloud enablement to enable a developer operations environment is important. This will allow dynamic scaling and provisioning resulting in cycle time reductions and enabling rapid delivery of applications as well as self-service for the line of business.

3. Orchestration and the ability to manage and support entire infrastructure stack, providing a single pane of glass by service is huge. To be able to define application threshold requirements enabling the orchestration layer to provision the right infrastructure components based on service delivery needs. Low latency requirements will drive flash storage.

4. Lastly, highly available and scalable networks with zero downtime will allow inline upgrades and dynamic scaling. Zero downtime will allow these activities to be done anytime anyplace with no negative impact on the business.

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