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ShareNSearch: Trendy Social Platform Connecting Likeminded People Through Power of Collective Knowledge

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Just like any of us, Vijay Keshavamurthy, an engineer got caught up in the addictive maze with no exit called social media, which brought his long lost friends closer. As days went on, he was bothered by the fact that he was spending hours on something without gaining anything; but powerful enough to provide everything. He couldn't help but wonder what would it be like to have a platform in Indian demography that is not only entertaining but would also enable to share and acquire meaningful knowledge with like minded people from all across the world, who embrace same passion and started researching. Unsurprisingly, he found that countless people are getting highly conscious about their time, and are yearning for such a platform.

A study which revealed that in next five years, social media will be more about sharing knowledge. This finding backed up Vijay's individual analysis, and his confidence was further boosted by exemplary success of Quora. Thus, he founded ShareNSearch, an interest based social platform on cloud in 2012, which was launched last year in Bangalore with crucial capabilities like categorization. He was not wrong, since in a short span of two months the platform was enriched with an eye-popping one million users, not to mention the 50,000 pending requests. Thoroughly going through the processes and technologies in cloud made implementation easier and increased platform's reliability by eliminating connectivity issues.


Users can choose from the dizzying array of categories including adventure, art & painting, politics and movies, where they can post relevant articles, photos, videos and links. Instead of searching all over the web to get disappointingly irrelevant information, users can surf through a particular category to attain appropriate content. News box in the powerful yet cost-effective platform not only enable advertisers to publish their product releases to appropriate targets, but also helps users to avoid getting junk ads. Apart from enabling users to save storage space in PCs and mobiles by providing them a space on cloud for absolutely free, ShareNSearch also empowers them to showcase their unique capabilities to people, who recognize and appreciate it.

When an aspiring swimmer posts his video, apart from the encouraging claps, he also attains expert opinion that pinpoints flaws and elucidates him with tricks to excel. Likewise, a robotics engineer can mould her project with constructive insights and can also bookmark and share it with her team. With such power of collective knowledge, users can attain honest evaluation and suggestion, unlike our friends who hesitate to share exact feedback. Although users can hang out with friends, the spotlight is thrown on pursuing one's interest.

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