Serving Kindness Through Ameliorated Workflows

Ramu Kannan
Monday, February 6, 2017
Ramu Kannan
At CityMD, our vision is to serve kindness. Our workflows are geared towards enabling all our staff to serve kindness in everything they do. As the IT leader, my job is to scan the technology landscape continuously. I see what innovative technologies are available and how they will enable us to automate the workflow processes further and enhance the patient experience.

At CityMD, our care starts with the front desk (patient care representatives) and ends with aftercare and referrals, but there are many moving parts in between. From X-Ray techs to lab techs to physicians and MAs, CityMD teams and staff work in unison to ensure a smooth and high-quality patient experience with seamless handling of tests, referrals, labs, images, and anything else needed.

The objective of workflow automation is to make the work of our teams easier and more efficient while causing the least amount of disruption to the information process.

Every solution that we consider has to be top-tier and innovative. Some of the key considerations in evaluating any new solutions include:
- Does it enhance the patient experience?
- Does it automate a manual process?
- Does it integrate with our existing solutions?

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