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Birbals: Charting a New Path of Product Development

si Team
Monday, February 6, 2017
si Team
The surge in demand for custommade applications sparked the entrepreneurial journey of Pawan Bangar. His pursuit to enable fellow entrepreneurs with economical and robust solutions led to the foundation of Birbals in 2001. "There has never been a dearth of great ideas within the entrepreneur fraternity," states Bangar, CEO, Birbals. "However, partnering with the right solution provider capable of bringing the ideas to fruition was a challenge. Birbals is determined to change this scenario." The Newark, CA based company provides e-solutions that are aligned with the business objectives of clients. "Birbals is a full service company that offers web development, custom programming, open source customization, and digital marketing," he adds. The company leverages open source technology to develop solutions within client's budgetary constraints.

Birbals acknowledges the futility of traditional marketing methods and helps clients with its deep know-how of search algorithms to formulate and utilize SEO and SEM strategies. "We utilize our expertise in digital marketing to increase clients' ROI," says Bangar. The company also harnesses the power of data analytics for planning the marketing campaigns.

From developing small websites to large, enterprise level solutions, Birbals undertakes end-to-end product development. "We focus our efforts on developing a solution that addresses clients' business needs while ensuring it is effortless for their workforce to learn and use," states Bangar.

In one of the implementation highlights, a law firm sought a customized solution to automate its operational processes. The client also wanted expedited learning process and replicated working environment with zero variance. Team Birbals collaborated with the client to determine various parameters such as the nature and scope of their daily tasks, communication with its customers, and case followup procedure. The company then developed a solution that encompassed all of the client's requirements and ensured seamless migration to the software environment. Subsequently, the client could automate the operational tasks without having to spend time and revenue on workforce training. "Birbals developed a tailormade software application that has been fulfilling their operational needs effectively since last six years," says Bangar.

"Our products and applications offer an alternative to the clients' existing range of expensive and inflexible products," states Bangar. In one instance, a large printing company had to refine its in-house operations. Birbals analyzed a range of factors like work process and order management, and subsequently built a suite of customized applications. After deploying Birbals' applications, the client witnessed significantly improved productivity in the same operating environment. "The zeal to design customer-centric solutions has been a key element in our success," states Bangar.

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