SAP's Path toward a Cloud Driven Enterprise

Vijay Garg
CEO-The Principal Consulting
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Vijay Garg
In recent months, SAP has been gaining strong momentum behind their 'Run Simple' strategy, which focuses on a cloudfirst approach to their products and new solution releases. A core tenet of this strategy is centralization, and the need for businesses today to be data driven and function seamlessly through a single, unified platform.

A great example of this platform is SAP's latest Business Suite for HANA, commonly known as S/4HANA. This solution was originally built for private clouds, and has now expanded to public clouds via the recent launch of S/4HANA Cloud Edition.

The architecture change of S/4HANA allows the software suite to be much more efficient and expandable, by taking advantage of the HANA in-memory architecture, in turn keeping the platform lean, more manageable,with the capability to integrate with other modules much more easily. The thinking behind this approach is to encourage both new and existing SAP customers to move from outdated legacy systems to cloud-based services, ultimately software delivered as a service, not just as a product.

Why are customers considering a cloud-based platform?
- Fast implementation timelines providing quick access to functionality
- SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customers participate in SAP's continuous innovation, positioning business to best future proof their investments
- Reduce costs associated with running and maintaining a data center

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