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QuestionPro: Simplifying Customer Insights

SI Team
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
SI Team
During his school days at the Brigham Young University, Vivek Bhaskaran was approached by a market research professor with an idea to create a generic tool for market research surveys. "The professor germinated the idea to create a generic engine so we could build one database and reuse that. I realized that the idea has a potential and could be a real business on its own," recalls Bhaskaran. A few years later Bhaskaran founded QuestionPro, becoming one of the leading online survey software providers. The software allows its clients to generate the insights they need to make better and impactful business decisions.

"We help organizations become more focused on customers, understand their needs and expectations at a deeper level, and sense their emotions and intensity," asserts Bhaskaran. With QuestionPro's unique product lines-Surveys, Communities, Workforce, and CX-the company's clients can understand the voice of their customers. In this regard, QuestionPro offers Enterprise Insights Platform for managing customer and employee feedback via web and mobilechannels. The platform provides dynamic, hierarchical, and real-time dashboards for engagement and analytics that can be shared within the organization.

The clients of QuestionPro can easily author surveys, leverage customizable themes, and integrate their customer relationships through interactive voice of the customer response systems. "Our core survey product allows users to collect feedback from any customer database, turning that into insights and action. Furthermore, we have advanced features like Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff, which helps with differentiation and brand equity analysis," elaborates Bhaskaran.

Mergers and acquisitions are just one part of QuestionPro's journey. The recent merge with Survey Analytics has proved to empower the organic growth and development of the solutions offered by QuestionPro. The unification of the two giants in the online surveys landscape has heightened the cause of QuestionPro to become a highly scalable and secure platform. "We are now able to join our forces through our specialized development team, and have a dedicated product management team focused on constant innovation and the continuous development of our tools," informs Bhaskaran.

QuestionPro is constantly assessing and investing in new technologies, which is apparent from the success stories of its clients. One such beneficiary is eTownPanel, an academic research project funded by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. eTownPanel had been looking for a solution to conduct online research based on accumulated demographic and attitudinal profiles. QuestionPro solutions were employed, allowing the client to conduct surveys across thousands of panelists, and accumulate quality data every month on a wide range of topics.

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