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RedPanda: An Avant-garde in the Mobile App Arena

si Team
Sunday, August 23, 2015
si Team
With more than 800 million mobile connections in India, mobile apps are emerging as the greatest trend, which is manifest by the fact that over 100 million apps are being downloaded per month in the country. Although everybody is jumping on the mobile app bandwagon to seize the lucrative opportunity, only a handful of them are building apps with passion. One such company that is passionate about creating mobile apps is RedPanda.

Founded in 2011 in Mumbai, the company crafts web and mobile applications using world class technologies. Their comfort with a large variety of domains and technologies can be gauged from the wide array of apps that they have built, such as Benjamin Spoke: an app build customized shirts for the Australian market to create custom shirts, Gabbar - The Legend: a gaming app, 75 Fahrenheit: a climate control app built for the U.S. market, to manage climate variables, Stylio: an app to find shopping friends in new cities and many more. Red Panda crafts its applications with love and care, taking a minimalist approach to create clean designs, solid architecture and intuitive interactions. Red Panda's team has worked on a variety of platforms such as Python, Ruby, Node.js, Java, Clojure, Scala, React native, Android and iOS SDKs and many more technologies. They are the Number 1 rated agency for the Government of Maharashtra and have worked on a variety of impactful projects such as CSC, which takes a whole range of government services right to the doorsteps of individuals in inaccessible areas.

Red Panda focuses on a select few projects at a time, assigning to each one a strong team who can do justice to the product, in terms of both its strategy as well as its execution. It has a list of partners ranging from venture funded start-ups such as Box8 to large multinationals such as McCann Erickson and Sodexo. The uniqueness of the company lies in its commitment towards products for which it is ever ready to travel the extra mile to fulfill its promises, working as a true partner rather than as a service provider.

Winning Championship through Teamwork

An organization that lays immense emphasis on hiring the right people, Red Panda empowers individuals to grow professionally as well as personally. All members of the company are treated very much like a family, where there is no hierarchy, and most decisions are taken transparently. Their culture ensures that all the employees enjoy their work, and have a strong sense of ownership. Trainings, study groups and other forms of internal as well as community learning events are conducted on a regular basis. New employees are exposed to ongoing projects directly, after first undergoing a thorough introduction to best practices in software engineering. "We're a learning organization, driven by self-organizing teams of highly capable individuals. This is what helps us stand apart of most other organizations, and will continue to help us keep scaling in the right manner as we grow," asserts Nitish Rathi, CTO and Co-Founder.

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