Quantum Secure: The Godfather of Physical Identity & Access Management Industry

Anamika Sahu
Monday, December 28, 2015
Anamika Sahu
There are entrepreneurs who become leaders by following the paths others created. And then there are legends who create these paths. Serial entrepreneurs Ajay Jain and Vik Ghai are the two exemplary legends who not just created the PIAM (Physical Identity & Access Management) market segment, but took over the entire world by storm through their contrivance Quantum Secure in 2005. The duo grew the company with a meager fund of $4.5 million that they received in series A from Dunrath Capital dramatically until its acquisition by HID Global early this year. "Very rarely an enterprise software company is built with such a small investment. The journey has been extremely positive and satisfying with explosive growth. We were able to create a new market segment, demonstrated its leadership skills and offered something meaningful to the customers," asserts a proud Ajay, President & CEO, Quantum Secure.

It all started with the right thinking process and strategic vision. The duo was not just able to detect the problems associated with Identity & Access Management quite accurately, but also anticipated what solution will eradicate the problem from its root. "As we evolved from early stages, we continually realigned and adjusted our business operation model with our long term strategy. Once you get these right, impeccable execution is the key," asserts Ajay. This required hiring right talent to keep the moral of the organization at high spirit always, and developing a unique culture in the organization with leadership as example. "Our collective team was very strong from the early stages of the company. This led the management towards growth and helped keeping a laser focused approach towards our strategy," he further adds. Today Quantum is the leader in the segment and boasts of several Fortune 500 customers, federal government agencies, large airports and financial institutions as customers.
Always embracing a family style, complete open door work culture, Quantum has sharpened its edges as a customer-centric organization with a goal to place them first. "Our people understand and appreciate that. In our company, there are no egos or politics amongst people or departments. What you see is what you get," explains Ajay. The company also fosters all levels of employees to participate in the decision making and process improvement process. The employees feel connected with the product they build and other fellow colleagues as much as the founders or other senior leaders feel.

Being in the Right Business for Right Purpose
Quantum is in the business of ensuring right identity at the right physical place with right access privileges and at the right time (an identity is defined as any person using your facility, which could be an employee, contractor, vendor, visitor, family members and others). This ensures that insider threats are minimized by providing security principles at the perimeter level and at the operator level. Associated with PIAM is a host of industry and government regulations that must be complied with at all times. Quantum continues to be a focused company in that space as well by providing solutions to enable corporate compliance in a streamlined and automated way.
And since 2007, Quantum has been both the category creator and market leader for PIAM. The company's product leadership in PIAM is based on truly understanding the customer needs & problems specific to industries and then providing the most technically advanced solution. This allows Quantum to focus on defined set of problems and differentiate from me-too competitors.

Several strategies have been framed to maintain this leadership including customer centric approach that has helped Quantum sustain its differentiation in the market. Additionally, strong R&D process keeps Quantum ahead of the market by several years. These approaches have also helped the company drive product innovation to develop new modules, better products, automated processes and business models that continue to grant it the competitive edge over competitors.

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