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QA Mentor: Offering World-class Quality Assurance with Exclusive Testing Tools

si Team
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
si Team
Despite the best efforts of test engineers, released products often have bugs. Even when fixed, they sometimes reappear down the line - even with the best manual testing processes. Test Automation is the best paradigm to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of any software testing process. Automated software testing has long been considered critical for big software development organizations but is still thought to be too expensive or difficult for smaller companies to implement. Putting the automated testing paradigm within reach of small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the primary goals of QA Mentor.

A multi-national organization offering 30 different QA services, QA Mentor focuses on cost-effective end-to-end quality assurance (QA) and software testing services with utmost quality and dedication. Offered with budget-friendly price tags, their services include unique service - QA Automation Tool Expert - a test automation solution comprised of nearly 50 different testing tools on the market.

Being QA Mentor

We've seen far too many companies send their junior engineers- who lack practical knowledge - to lead various test projects. But QA Mentor is different. Though they do hire and groom them, they never place junior resources on projects. Any junior resources involved are just bonuses for the clients as they are there to learn and gain experience. All professionals assigned to projects are experienced pros, have a minimum three years of industry experience and 87 percent of them are certified with ISTQB (or Brainbench). They aren't there just to find bugs, but to also suggest solutions to get rid of them and reduce the number of future defects.

Additionally, QA Mentor strives to fix the issue of schedule mismatches, something that makes companies across the world hesitant to jump into using offshore resources. With a new service called 'Testing in your Time Zone', customers in any time zone can leverage QA Mentor's expertise at any time, thus making the company a true 24/7 organization.

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