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Posedge: At the Cutting Edge of Connectivity IP

Vignesh Anantharaj
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Vignesh Anantharaj
Today the semiconductor market is in a consolidation phase. The industry is propagating towards growth at a competent curve every year with big players constantly advancing their market share. Owing to the high financial investments and the uncertainty associated with their success, the number of semiconductor start-ups is dwindling, as funding is becoming scarce. The Capex required for the same is skyrocketing to the tune of tens of millions of dollars due to smaller technology nodes and the platform level support needed for productizing the chips.

This bodes well for the growth of the big players as they have deep pockets and diverse market presence. However, the tier-1 semiconductor companies are facing impediments to assimilate in-house expertise in building complex IP for newer segments and portfolios they like to address. Engaging this strong requirement for time to market and unique differentiating solutions, Santa Clara headquartered Posedge, is the newest player to answer the questions with regards to the quandaries faced in the semiconductor IP space. Posedge is addressing both the technology and the commercial aspects by providing very unique and innovative solutions in the semiconductor IP space.

Providing System Level Differentiation

The founders/Co-CEOs’ of Posedge, Chakra Parvathaneni & Venkat Kodavati, foresaw this dynamic shift in the semiconductor landscape six years back and incorporated an IP company with the vision of developing and providing complex and differentiated IPs around their core expertise in wired and wireless networking/security technologies. While a multitude of competitors provide Interface IP that are standards based but, non-differentiating IPs’, Posedge goes the extra mile by designing, developing and delivering complicated sub-system IP’s that meets high quality standards and helps clients by bringing differentiated end to end systems to the market. This semiconductor organization today stands as a seasoned player with over 800 man-years of experience in wired and wireless networking. Having worked on over 100 ASICs, the Posedge IP today is present in over 30 million devices. . In fact, the Wireless LAN 802.11 n / ac with MIMO configuration has proven to be a complete end to end solution from RF to Software including Baseband and MAC.

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