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Phronesis: Blending Corporate Intelligence with Online Marketing for All-round Organisation Reputation Management

si Team
Friday, December 30, 2016
si Team
The huge growth in the user base for IoT and net banking have posed critical privacy & security issues; interconnected components and sensors that can track locations, health and transaction details are opening gateways into user's personal lives, leaving data exposed. Findings from Global Internet report shows that 59 percent of users would likely not do business with a company which has suffered a data breach, indicating the extent of its impact of cyber crime upon a business. India is one of the most targeted countries, so companies here have been keen on maintaining their online reputations by slowly adopting corporate intelligence & cyber security strategies. Responding to the pressing need of the hour, two time-tested veterans, Brigadier Ram Chillar (Retd.) and Lt. Colonel Bryan Miranda (Retd.), both from military intelligence backgrounds have joined hands to venture Phronesis Corporate Intelligence Services Pvt. Ltd. in December 2014. The Gurugram-based company provides in-depth intelligence and due diligence for highly complex situations, helping clients not only to recognize business opportunities but also to increase their organisation's reputation online.

Phronesis uses military intelligence processes of examining at external threats and combines this with existing business intelligence tactics to apply in the corporate sector. "We've been trained our whole lives to be skilled at sifting through large amounts of information to find the proverbial needle in a haystack," asserts Brig Ram. The company is proficient in methods of acquiring and crunching data deployed in trade craft to help its commercial clients, which might extend from businesses tracking customer behavior to financial institutions trying to root out online fraud. "The combination of the military intelligence process of looking at external threats and existing BI process of looking at key internal success measures is a powerful combination to apply in the corporate sector," proclaims Lt. Col. Bryan. Within two years of its inception, Phronesis has worked with top clients including Reliance Industries, Indian Army, PVR, WWF, Astrum, 1700 ft. Foundation and others.

Cutting Edge Quality Services

Phronesis is one of the very few companies to offer a unique, interrelated blend of corporate intelligence and corporate communication services. The company offers an all round set of security services like penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, cyber forensics, data leak assessment, mitigation consulting and cyber security training. The experts at Phronesis are well versed with VAPT, and perform ethical hacking and vulnerability testing to validate the threats and weaknesses that could breach security. Phronesis applies different cyber forensic scenarios like computer disc/disk drives forensics, email, social media, database and e-discovery forensics and several such conditions to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device. The company employs a highly methodical and skilled approach to investigate the location of witnesses, assess credibility, conduct interviews, examine complex data and perform due diligence to gain the required intelligence.

Furthermore, Phronesis extends its offerings to digital marketing and branding services by creating an online platform for brands to showcase their offers and engage with customers in creative ways. The company has conducted several successful ad-campaigns leveraging SEO, social media, content creating and web designing technologies.

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