The Next-Gen Enterprises - SMEs

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Anamika Sahu
For generations, the blood and soul of Indian economy, SMEs, have been functioning the traditional way mostly engaged in product manufacturing. Staying too far from adopting technology was one of the major reasons the industry failed to compete with the giants and following the old school syllabus of sticking with just manufacturing further limited its flying ability. But with the gen X entrepreneurs taking over the charge, the industry is now leveraging the colossal benefit that technology brings to the fore. Apart from this, several first generation entrepreneurs have ventured into providing exceptional IT solution, products and service to the industry at large, serving clients from every domain and every size.

Betting high on the Digital India initiative by the Indian government and the current demonetization of the Indian currency pushing people to adopt more of digital payment has also paved a way for these SMEs to go deep in to providing better technology solutions to companies, further enabling them take their offerings to international markets, which was earlier restricted to local bazaars. Thriving high with the technology string in their hands, SMEs serve some of the most doyen brands of the world.

The cutting-edge technology knowledge that these new entrepreneurs bring into their industry will help gain substantial piece of the market in the coming days. To recognize these lifelines of the Indian economy, we dedicate our current issue to their ideas, experiences, knowledge, exceptional services and their never-die attitude.

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