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Our story!

Harvi Sachar
Monday, September 3, 2007
Harvi Sachar
It’s been 10 most exciting years of our lives since we started SiliconIndia. For technology professionals of Indian origin in the U.S., this decade has brought about the sea change from having to fight all kind of glass ceiling in corporate America to being accepted as great techies, managers, and entrepreneurs. In the last 9 months only, we have had seven Indian-founded and managed tech companies go public (Starent Networks, Cavium Networks, BladeLogic, Netezza, Aruba Networks, Isilon Systems, Infinera Corp). When we started doing SI20 feature in the magazine a couple of years after our launch, our readers found it difficult to believe that there were 20 Indian managed public tech companies in the U.S.

A lot has changed but our initial goals still remain our guiding light. When we started the magazine in 1997, we gave these two promises to our subscribers:

Our aim is to provide information, news, analysis, and opinion on business and technology in India and the United States.

It is a forum for Indian professionals to interact, exchange information, develop business relations, and share industry expertise.

This is taken from the emails that I used to send in 1997-’98 to offer complimentary subscription of the magazine to Indian professionals in the U.S. The first promise is something that which any normal magazine would have offered. It was the second promise about providing a forum that made us kind of unique. This sounded very much like the promise any social and professional networking site offers these days, only we made the offer in 1997. One of the pleasant experiences all along these ten eventful years has been that the Indian tech leaders have been very supportive and willing to share their experiences and visions with the community.

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