September-2007 issue
Company of the Month
Author: Jaya Smitha Menon
Imagine a technology that could reduce the time taken to scan the inventory, and fully automate checkout, freeing store personnel to provide increased levels of customer support. The engineers at Supervalu explores the intricate retail... more>>

Tech Buzz

ST Team
Read on to know the latest developments in the tech world. more>>
ST Team
Read on to know the latest developments in the tech world more>>

In Focus

ST Team
Know more about what is happening in the IT world. more>>
ST Team
Know more about what is happening in the IT world. more>>

Cover Story

Jaya Smitha Menon
Ray Moloney could not have imagined the company he started would become the world’s No. 1 Gaming Systems Company with more... more>>

Cover Feature

Ratnamala Dam Manna
The author Ratnamala Dam Manna, Director-Engineering writes on the importance of collaboraive work and the need for effective... more>>
The author P.Rangarajan,CEO of Vitage Technologies writes on a novel approach to IP development more>>
Rafiq Somani
The author, country Manager of Parametric Technologies dwells on the challenges of taking critical technology decisions more>>
The author GM, Technolgy Services, Dearborn Electronics talks about spotting the technology trends and building applications... more>>
Kamal Agarwal
The author, VP Marketing & Straegy,Softjin Technologies dwells into the challenges in identifying and leveraging trends and... more>>
Kidambi Sheshadri
The author, Head Enterprise Testing Services, Marlabs voices the need to be careful in choosing the right technology while... more>>
Sriram Rupanagunta
The author, Senior Director of Software Engineering at Emulax talks about the need to constantly update technical skills in a... more>>
Ranganathan Krishnan
The author is Head-Enteprise Transformation Services, HCL Technologies points out different ways in expanding the horizon of... more>>
Deepak Visweswaraiah
The author, Director IMSG EMC Data Storage Systems speaks on the fundamental qualities of a high performance team more>>
Krishna Ubrani
The author, Director of Engineering at Xora talks about the challenges in creating and sustaining high performance teams. more>>
L Gopalakrishnan
The author, Sr.Director, Services Engineering Group, Oracle speaks about ways to nurture technology driven employees. more>>
Sabysachi Nag
The author Director, Product Engineering of Magma Design Automation India talks about building outstanding team. more>>
Srikant Vissamsetti
The author Senior Director of IntruShield Engineering at McAfee talks about the importance of building high performance team to... more>>
Pramod K Mishra
The author is Director of Quality Control, FCG India, talks about the importance of building a “team-centric” work force... more>>
Sandeep Agarwal
The author is Senior Technical Director at MindTree talks about the need to keep the team intact and use their experience to... more>>
Venkat Pulella
The author who is Director of Engineering, Cisco System talks about the need for awareness and understanding of various aspects... more>>
S Suresh
The author is Managing Director, Informatica Corp talks about the necessaties for companies to proactively work to promote... more>>
Sreehari Narasipur
The author is Vice President - Product Development, Telelogic gives some tips on few winning strategies that leads to success. more>>
Sanjay Rajasekhar
The author is Director of Professional Service and R&D, INTEC talks about leading, motivating, retaining, and mentoring the... more>>
Ravi Kanniganti
The author,Director, Professional Services, Manhattan Associates, talks about how to raise employee morale and motivate them. more>>
Virendra Gupta
The author, Associate VP - Head Embedded Software, Huawei, talks about how to face difficult situations and take effective... more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
Hunger alone is not sufficient to ensure success on a global playing field. One needs to learn from the best practices around. more>>

Last Word

S. Sundarajan
Th author who is HOO of Real Soft shares his views on how to develop uniqueness in the organizations. more>>
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