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Can an ant dance? Yes, with 1-2-3-4

S. Sundarajan
Monday, September 3, 2007
S. Sundarajan
May be, an elephant can be made to dance. If in doubt, see some old vernacular films. These majestic animals cannot be seen in the circus ring any more, thanks to Maneka. But, what is the problem with the ant? Have you ever seen an ant dancing? Either it does not know how to dance or is simply too busy surviving or preparing for the next winter. What I am really referring to is the relevance of small companies.

Let me discuss the 1-2-3-4 syndrome. ‘1’ refers to the small company.
The smallness affects two sides: I will share a secret: there are only two sides! - employees and clients. Employees are not attracted to a small company for three reasons:
a) The company does not have a big brand? Will the company survive?
b) Is there a good environment? Are there great people? Are there enough projects?
What are the problems that a small company runs into with the clients (let me clarify: No, the clients are not the problems!)? I think of a four fold attack:
a) Expectation to act fast when a requirement is presented.
b) Refusing to accept the extrapolation of capability.
c) More time to take you up the value chain.

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