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September - 2007 - issue > Cover Feature

Indian IT services scene: Some future trends

V K Magapu
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
V K Magapu
Indian IT services scene today means many things to many people. While the Indian IT services companies continue to enjoy their current growth phase, analysts and the media dutifully predict the future by using the power at their disposal. The predictons range from rosy pictures of continual growth to a slow-down and stagnation. Some believe Indian IT companies’ future belongs to products, while some argue that the industry is going to face a major shortage of talent. Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

Talent crunch
* Corporate India seems to be obsessed with the notion that our country is going to run out of qualified, talented manpower.

This has two aspects: Gradual disappearance of the ‘cradle to grave’ employment syndrome that was prevalent throughout the past wherein people generally joined an organization to leave it only through natural retirement. This scenario has now changed drastically. Thus, there is a continuous movement of talent from one organization to another. Though this does not mean that the total number of employable manpower at any given moment gets reduced, the organization that loses an employee to another has at least a ‘transient’ shortage. This attrition is a big problem that has contributed to the scare in no small proportion.

* The other aspect, however, is more formidable. It is related to the concern over the feared gap between the need for qualified and employable manpower vis-à-vis the actual supply of qualified manpower. The premise here is that with a 1.2 billion strong population, there will not be a shortage of employable manpower. The following are the likely reasons:

* Eagerness and hard-working quotient of the general Indian youth.

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