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Mymo Wireless: A World-Class Design House for Next-Generation Wireless Solutions

Rashmisree Deb
Friday, December 5, 2014
Rashmisree Deb
With the evolution of internet, the cellular wireless technology generations such as 2G, 3G have moved from being voice-centric to having capabilities for data communication. Succeeding 3G, 4G LTE (long term evolution)emerged as the next-generation cellular wireless standard for mobile high speed data serviceswith an enormous market potential for next 10 to 15 years. WiMax steadily declined, partly due to increased interest in LTE by the cellular operators & vendors.Apart from being the technology of choice of the cellular operators, the standardis increasingly diversifying into market segments such as Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).Understanding this need, Mymo Wireless was incorporated in the year 2009 to develop LTE products and IPRs (intellectual property rights) with an opportunity to reach out to those markets. Mymo Wireless isa 4G wireless company that offers solutions on LTE Release 9. The company's sole focus isin offering state-of-the-art solutions to customers in different segments of LTE telecom industry with a clear TTM advantage. Some of its flagship products are LTE User Equipment (UE) which is a handheld solution and MW2000which isa tester solution with a unique features. Other products include LTE UE ported ontovarious standard HW platforms offering TTM advantage to SOC vendors seeking to build LTE chipsets for 4G high speed data modems, IoT and M2M products.

At present, there are hardly any players in 4G LTE market who are 3rd party licensing companies like Mymo that enable the customers to move directly into 4G LTE, IoT and M2M. With a mission to provide next generation wireless solutions, Mymo has full ownership on the IPR of licensable 4G LTE components which are physical products in the form of Software and Hardware. The company developed a full-fledged stack solution for 4G LTE hand held domains with complete ownership on the SW IPR and sufficient expertise to migrate to any 3rd party HW platforms. It also developed an eco system with partner companies in U.S. and India for a joint collaboration to deliver the full chip solution for high speed modems, M2M and IoT markets. Company connected to premier academic institutes by providing the LTE development kit for developing new standards with potential for R&D. In a nutshell, Mymo has the ability to adapt the technology to the needs of customers who are coming from different market segments like civil, defense, aviation and proprietary networks.

The Initial Defy

Like every other startup, Mymo Wireless too faced the crunches of initial investment. The phase from applying for incubation to getting incubation along with a seed funding took almost a year. "We had been trying for funding from seed capital or venture capital agencies but we were not successful in getting venture capital. We understood the difficulties in getting the investment in product oriented companies like Mymo as there were not enough examples of success stories on product companies and Indian investment environment is more used to success stories around services companies. This became a big challenge for us to run a high-tech product based company," says Dr. Sondur Lakshmipathi, Director & CEO, Mymo Wireless.When Sondur realized that the challenge of getting investment is not materializing and the time spent on chasing the investors was becoming unproductive, he changed the strategy and focused towards acquiring new customers with bootstrapping the revenues into the products roadmap. This became a reality when they first acquired a U.S. based customer.Today, with innovative products and different approach, Mymo Wireless is completely green without any external investment.

Dynamic and Open Work Culture

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