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My Journey to Enhancing the Customer's Experience

PV Kannan
Co-Founder & CEO-[24]7
Thursday, September 5, 2013
PV Kannan
Campbell based [24]7 is a provider of software and services that helps companies anticipate what consumers want, simplify interactions and learn from those interactions for providing better future experiences.

The inspiration behind [24]7 came from the belief that service should be designed from the perspective of consumers—and not from the perspective of the companies serving them. We wanted consumer experiences to be simple and intuitive. We also believe that the ability to anticipate what consumers want provides methods to more easily get things done and builds brand loyalty.

[24]7 delivers a unique cloud platform that makes company-to-consumer connections intelligent, integrated and immersive, across each touch point. We help B-to-C enterprises get closer to their customers by giving them complete access to information, at any time, from anywhere, through any channel. We hope to change the way service is delivered to consumers and to change the way they receive and react to those services. We know there must be a better way to do all these things and we are committed to providing it.

I co-founded [24]7 in 2000 and I am proud to say that since then the company has become the leader in intuitive customer service solutions and services. I founded the company with the goal of improving the consumer's experience through leveraging big data, intuitive design and a learning platform to simplify customer service. We built the [24]7 Predictive Experience platform that can provide a more intuitive experience. We understand how real human beings ask questions.

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