Leadership Drives Maintec Technologies' Success

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, September 5, 2013
Anamika Sahu
Sonny Gupta: Defining Success Through Integrity

For Sonny Gupta, President and CEO of Maintec Technologies,success is based on two things: anticipating the market and working with integrity. After a very successful career at IBM, Gupta launched Maintec almost 15 years ago providing mainframe outsourcing, data center management and IT staffing. A keen observer of market trends, Gupta steered his company's focus to areas based on market needs. As Maintec grew and faced challenges, Gupta led his company into new business territory and successfully adapted Maintec's competency to provide the best solutions for its clients.
Today, Maintec provides a range of services such as data center collocation, mainframe hosting, operation support, system support and zLinux-in a-Box in the Data Center outsourcing segment; staff augmentation, remote IT staffing and Hire Train Deploy in the staffing segment. Maintec’s future strategy includes providing capabilities of Maintec zSeries and iSeries cloud environments.

Gupta is always looking towards the future of Maintec Technologies., The company is now uniquely positioned to service customer requirements by leveraging its tenets of quality and innovation, self-sustaining process framework and domain knowledge, a core team that helps clients solve intricate challenges in implementing large scale, complex and business critical IT development and integration programs.

"We are leveraging new technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, ERP and also by tapping untouched geographies such as APAC, Middle East, Africa to name a few," he adds with excitement. "Maintec is committed to helping clients reduce TCO (Total Cost of Operation) of data center management, overcome resourcing challenges and providing the industry with well-trained talent."

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