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Mobile is the Future

John Malloy
General Partner & Co-founder-BlueRun Ventures
Thursday, May 3, 2012
John Malloy
New trends and focus for investment

Our primary investment focus is on Mobile software and services. The biggest trend is of course the dominance of smartphones and the newest trend is the emergence of "Mobile First" services.

Smartphones are just the beginning.

Smart phones have changed the entire mobile eco system. Fortunes have been won and lost by manufacturers. Operators are no longer the sole gate keepers to new features and services on consumer's phones. This new mobile era is increasingly about applications and there is an all out competition for mobile developers by everyone.

This shift has made the U.S. the epicenter for this transformation. Today more than 50 percent of all new phones sold in the U.S. are smartphones and analysts expect that number to be near 100 percent by 2014. Even traditional Broadcast Media companies are using mobile apps to reach and communicate with audiences more effectively. For example, Channel 7 (a major primetime station) in the Bay Area is using Waze, a community based traffic and navigation mobile app, to give its viewers real time traffic information and social feedback loop.

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