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Sigmaways: Delivering Services

SI Team
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
SI Team
In today's IT world, providing cost arbitrage does not guaranty success as there are 'n' number of companies who provide the same. What a company provides beyond the cost arbitrage is the key; the factor that determines success over failure. Not many companies have successfully managed to accomplish this deed, especially startups, as the core teams often fail to understand the importance, and this has resulted in a major percentage of them failing to reach the mark. Sigmaways, co-founded in 2006 by Prakash Sadasivam, stands as an anomaly in the space. The company has realized the importance of value added services and this has given them the opportunity to fine tune their strategy and go ahead of their contemporaries. Being a privately held company specializing in global consulting and IT services, it continues to deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions. "I believe this is an era of partnering. People are the most powerful marketing resource available to achieve brand identity and customer commitment. Our People are the differentiating factor. Our commitment to deliver services in a responsive and personalized manner has been recognized by our customers as a key differentiating factor," says Sadasivam, CEO, Sigmaways.

Sadasivam and other key members of the company knew that providing the usual run of the mill IT services would mean nothing in this market and they will have to go above and beyond that. "It is very important for us to differentiate our business and demonstrate value to our customers. When we started off, our intent was not to serve hundred customers (spray & pray model) at a time; rather we worked with handful of customers, we worked harder than our customer to make them successful. Hence, focusing one client at a time, enabled us to personalize and differentiate our service offerings to standout in the marketplace and to position ourselves customer focused," says Sadasivam. This model follows best in industry practices, adheres to ever-changing industry standards, and helped turn the company into a household name.

The company offers an array of mobile commerce, tablet commerce, enterprise solutions, professional services, offshore product development, and staffing solutions. It also provides end-to-end IT solutions, consulting, application development, product engineering services, short-term staff augmentation, consulting and staffing services tailored to meet the client’s needs, and professional services and offshore development support. It follows a specially developed Business Continuity Model (BCM), which allows them to continue the mission critical operations of their clients even in the most challenging times. Sigmaways offers a highly customized offshore engagement model for the clients such as "Virtual teams", in which the client owns the team's projects and processes, and is enable complete hiring and payroll. It offers its client complete control over the team and the flexibility to scale up or down based on their requirement. The client receives a dedicated development and management onsite in the U.S. and offer post-launch support if necessary.

The company makes it a point to stay "Best-in-Class Quality" in terms of sourcing and screening qualified candidates, "Rapid" in terms of turnaround time, "Volume Capability" to take on high-volume IT staffing requirements, and "Flexible" in hiring employees. This method has made the company successful in hiring many supreme quality people to be part of their team. "Our headcount expected to surpass one hundred consultants early/mid next year. Our next biggest challenge is to manage the growth without losing our identity in the marketplace," says Sadasivam. With optimistic industry outlook, the company is currently focused on leveraging the growing demand from its customers and to take its business to the next level. It is also focused on vertical and horizontal growth.

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