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mTatva: Increasing the Patient Footfall through Improved Health Outcomes

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Ironically, health conscious people are a dying breed in today's fast paced world. People rather spend their time in offices making money than in hospitals unless & until it is severe. To edify them on their illness and taking care of their health on their behalf, mTatva - a primary healthcare company - has chosen the mightiest technology force 'mobile phones'. Every morning by default, their post-visit healthcare product HealthPIE reminds patients about medications, follow up treatments, lab scans and immunizations via highly intelligent, controllable and customizable alerts. The Bangalore headquartered company empowers outpatients with high quality yet user-friendly services via SMS, web application, mobile app and report book in their local language with absolute security. It also boosts the efficiency and revenue of healthcare providers by adhering patients to treatment.

Their service tele-follow up, not only facilitates doctors to attend more patients and handle non-emergency cases in off-peak hours, but also psychologically comforts patients with detailed conversations. mTatva, incorporated as Medyug Technology Private Limited in 2013 is not on the wellness side but on the illness side. To avoid medication errors, their service digital prescription decodes the doctor handwriting and sends it to patients as a detailed SMS in understandable text format. Since most patients depend on unreliable web information rather than return to doctors for clarification, HealthPIE educates patients with their proprietary information materials emphasize on illness including overviews, symptoms, causes, preventive measures, diet and exercises among others. After a thorough study, mTatva's in-house clinical team prepares these materials that cover up to 300 common illnesses with all possible illustrations including illustrative diagrams and videos in patient's local language.

The company was founded by Baljit Singh and was later joined by Praveen Prakash, both IIT alumni. After being a part-time consultant in telemedicine, he crafted the product HealthPIE - Patient Information and Empowerment system that is tailored to address the needs of patients and provides basic elements of healthcare including maintenance of medical records, chronic patient care and in-built customer satisfaction services along with afore mentioned services; thereby justifying the name mTatva which stands for 'creating basic building blocks with mobile healthcare'.

Currently, mTatva is a B2B company serving patients through healthcare providers. "We aim to make HealthPIE to go viral by adapting to a B2C model," says Baljit Singh, Founder & CEO. However, they still want to grow on the B2B side in rural areas where people grumble over consultation fees. They plan to leverage technology to cut down cost by 80 percent along with the inherent cost of acquisition that comes with every prescription. In a short span of time, they have reached 347,000 patients and still enabling hospitals to add at least 300 patients every day. As they are geared up to expand geographically and set their foot in North India, their next plan is to support Hindi along with current Indian languages like Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.
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