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Kumi Labs: Restoring the Joy of Gaming

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
With mobile technology expanding its shadow over the world, mobile applications and games have received a burst of attention from all age groups. According to Gartner, mobile games are the fastest-growing segment of the worldwide video game marketplace with revenue set to nearly double between 2013 and 2015 from $13.2 billion to $22 billion. Riding on the prospects that mobile devices offer, Kunal Mahajan founded Kumi Labs in 2013 to offer wide range of mobile games and applications to a vast range of clients across different industries.

Having a passion to start a quality driven organization, Kunal's road was never a rosy path. He started with an initial investment of $3000 and faced great intricacies in hiring people, setting up the office, managing finance and many more. But his aspirations were greater than his obstacles and so the young entrepreneur and his small team started building applications for Android and Blackberry platforms and uploaded them on the web. Within a short span of time, company's product base expanded to over 100 applications achieving over 15 million downloads. This helped the organization earn significant revenues to sustain in the competitive market and manage its running expenses.

Rising up from the initial phase of low revenues, lack of funds, experience, and marketing issues, the company has successfully strengthened its roots reaching the state of stability. Headquartered in Noida, Kumi Labs has secured second position in the Vodafone AppStar Challenge at the international level. It has also been recognized by Microsoft as the North India regional finalist for Bizspark and has also won North India Google Entrepreneur Week challenge to name a few. "Though we are a small team, we have proven our mettle bringing up innovative and interesting products. Our current interest is towards cross platform game development which will be on iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Facebook, Windows & web," says Kunal Mahajan, CEO & Founder, Kumi Labs.

Keeping 'User Excitement & Engagement' at the forefront, Kumi Labs strives to deliver innovative products that are defect free and meet high standards. Proper planning and smart execution helps Kumi Labs achieve faster development and delivery of efficient games and applications. For instance, it is set to launch a file sharing app which will have unique features like drag & share amongst others.

This 15-month old startup left no stone unturned to cut a bigger piece of the pie for themselves. Though struggling with scarce resources, the innovative minds have successfully built products that are creating a steer in the market. The team at Kumi Labs is determined enough to take up big projects but the only limitation it faces is availability of funds which restricts them from their objective of keeping user excited with new concepts. The startup has recently raised an investment of $3 million and to further expand its team and take up high scale projects, the company is looking for investors who could boost Kumi Labs journey to the top of the ladder. In the days to come, the organization wishes to attract industry's best talent and develop innovative, appealing cross platform games for multi platforms and web but looks forward for participation from encouraging VCs.

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