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Lets us Solve the Right Problems

Sanjoy Paul
Managing Director & Country Head -Accenture Technology Labs, India
Thursday, February 28, 2013
Sanjoy Paul
Accenture Technology Labs is the R & D organization within Accenture has been exploring new and emerging technologies that shape future and invent next wave of Business Solutions. Accenture (NYSE: ACN) headquartered in Dublin, has a market capitalization of $47.78 billion.

While technology becomes an integral part of an economy’s growth, innovative IT strategies in growing economies are premised on the presence of developed social and economic infrastructure. A strong purchasing power also becomes extremely vital for a nation's growth. Innovations in IT, especially in major areas like healthcare, education, agriculture, women empowerment and so on are made a mandate in policy making.

Problems at Home

Home is where the heart is. The first step to make a positive change in major sectors that drive the economy is to solve the "problems at home". India is not moving fast enough to solve these problems. These problems come to picture when the rural part of India is taken into consideration. Places which are located just a few miles away from the city have a completely different lifestyle, hygiene, culture and so on.

On the flip side, India has a major chunk of population that survives on a minimum of Rs 35 per day. In order to improve this situation, we should not be too optimistic or pessimistic, but take a realistic approach. As problems continue, lot of opportunities to make the situation alright also comes along. This is a country with all types of culture, sky scrapers and a strong flow of money. The bright side to this situation should be recognized and necessary changes be made.

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