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Your Opinion Counts

Vishwanath Alluri
Founder & CEO-IMIMobile
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Vishwanath Alluri
Hyderabad based IMImobile is a global mobile data infrastructure and solutions provider to mobile operators, enterprises and media companies with over 650 employees and a presence across Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

The Need for Feedback

Feedback is essential for complete and meaningful communication. Feedback tells an enterprise how well it is doing in the eyes of the people who are important. It helps assess the effectiveness of communication and paves the way for generating new ideas.

Today providing feedback is not restricted to just verbally providing an opinion, filling up a form or a survey. Consumers have adopted other evolved ways of being heard - increase in the usage of web, social media, smartphones are all an indication of the same.

Enterprises are also seeking newer and more effective ways to reach out to their customers. One such powerful marketing channel is the mobile medium reaching more than 900 million Indian subscribers.

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