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Kony: Creating New Multi-Channel Mobile Opportunities

Rachita Sharma
Sunday, May 5, 2013
Rachita Sharma
Mobile apps are everywhere today and multi-channel strategies that bring apps to every device and screen size are changing the way we work and play. Raj Koneru, Founder & CEO of Kony, a mobile enterprise application development platform (MADP) provider foresaw this shift in trends long before it happened and built his company around it. A serial entrepreneur, Koneru is the man behind Intelligroup, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITIG, OTC), an Information technology (IT) services, solutions and consulting corporation. He always had the knack for identifying technology evolutions and building successful tech companies around them. Early in 2007 Koneru understood that 'mobile' was the next big thing that the industry lacked a platform for building applications and that applications were going to be a requirement for enterprise mobility. Keeping this in mind, he built the underlying technology for what would become the KonyOne app development platform, which provides mobile and multi-channel applications and offers a suite of customizable pre-built apps.

Kony also specializes in delivering a comprehensive enterprise mobile management (EMM) solution for provisioning, deploying, managing and analyzing applications. "The platform makes it possible for enterprises to build applications once and deliver them across different channels such as mobile, tablets and desktops and provide a high-quality user experience customized for every end point," says Koneru. For example, when a global financial services company with 200+ million customer accounts and operations in over 140 countries was looking to create a global mobile solution to provide customers with localized banking functionality on virtually any mobile device, Kony became the company of choice. Kony Solutions' unique "Write Once, Run Everywhere" technology helped the client build a suitable solution that was customized for country-specific rules in over 30 countries across three platforms.

Building Apps and Defying Norms

Founded in 2007, Kony was one of the pioneers to defy the norm and build a successful product company which has its development in India. Counting this as one of their major strengths Koneru says, "All of our engineering, IP development and product development is done out of India. We have 600 engineers in India who enable us to grow our product suite significantly".

Kony is one of the leading enterprise-grade platform providers in the world. The applications created and packaged by the company cater to both end consumers and enterprise employees. Customers have the flexibility of taking an app built on the platform and customizing it. Kony has designed an easy to use, drag-and-drop development studio, a true write once, run everywhere app platform, and provides a unified way for IT administrators to manage mobile chaos.
Kony's apps and development platform give enterprises the efficiency and flexibility of the broadest possible device and OS compatibility, across all channels, major operating systems and multiple deployment modes including HTML5 and mobile web, hybrid, native, and mixed-mode. "We strive to provide the most robust and scalable platform to support enterprises in their strategic multi-channel development and deployments. With our suite of products, our clients can actually streamline and accelerate their entire software development cycle," added Koneru.

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