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IT leadership: Key for consistent Results

Ratnakar Nemani
Group CIO-Himatsingka Seide
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Ratnakar Nemani
Leaders are expected to perform before they preach. In an action centric profession like IT where change is a constant, IT leadership is expected to deliver consistent results constantly. While shouldering such responsibility, they need to maintain their accord of agility, consideration of long term benefits for the organization while commensurately promoting their self-interest of career development.

They have to ensure the important guidelines of ROI (Return on Investment) and KRAs (Key Result Areas) on established deadlines both for their personal record, the company well-being, as well as for their team as a whole. Even a small snag may prove to be very pricey.

As we all know, the times are becoming tougher and recessionary. As an IT leader, I personally feel that IT spent has to be treated as an Investment which should fuel the growth or contribute to the bottom-line in the form of savings. This can be possible only when IT leaders are also financially literate. Here, I would like to refer to one interesting survey conducted by Harvard (article published in HBR-Oct). The survey established the following dilapidating results:

• 38 percent of the surveyed C level executives to supervisors scored just an average
• Majority were unable to distinguish Profit from Cash
• Many do not know the difference between Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
• 70 percent could not pick the correct definition of “free cash flow”.

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