ISSQUARED: Born to Rule the Managed Services World

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Anamika Sahu
Security is the apicalconcern of CIOs. Spending on security products & services outpaces all other IT expenditures.Gartner predicts that IT security spending will increase 8.2 percent in 2015 to reach $77 billion and the world will spend $101 billion on information security by 2018. But lack of related skills leads organizations to use security services firms that specialize in data protection, security risk management and security infrastructure management to address regulatory compliance demands and enhance their security postures.

A significant portion of organizations are shifting existing resources away from the operational aspects of security technologies, such as security device administration and monitoring, toward mitigation and incident response. This new dynamic has given rise to significant growth throughout the globe for managed security services. This is where ISSQUARED is strongly positioned. The company is focused on simplifying IT complexity for customers. With infrastructure managed services, ISSQUARED provides customers with predictable, reliable and scalable solutions and services.

Security & Identity Management in its Root

Born in the soil of security and identity management, ISSQUARED brings years of experience implementing and managing large scale global identity and access management platforms. Strategic partnerships with security product firms such as Lieberman, Observeit, Okta, IBM, VMware and Microsoft, enables ISSQUARED to provide customers with a comprehensive strategy encompassing insider threat intelligence, privilege account management, database security, authentication and incident monitoring, hence allowing customers to focus on what they are expert in.

The competition is fierce in the hyper-competitive market and one has to go against the largest traditional IT services providers. But with market evolving, it is evident that only nimble, strategic and cloud tech savvy vendors will survive in the technology services and management consulting space. And ISSQUARED is highly proficient in offering managed services with a focus on security, identity management, data center virtualization and cloud based security & cloud technologies. "Together with true client partnership, where we focus on client's business needs, we aim to deliver the best solutions using best of breed technologies. It is important that delivered solutions are simple to manage," asserts Bala Ramaiah, President & CEO, ISSQUARED.

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