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September - 2007 - issue > Cover Feature

Is this the best time to be an Indian in America?

Tariq Khan
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Tariq Khan
The changing face of America is creating new opportunities
We are living in a new environment today where the face of America is changing. The new face of America is very diverse and full of opportunities. The visionary leaders understand that taking advantage of multicultural America is a promising way to grow. Baby boomers are considered to be one of the most sought after and lucrative markets with nearly 80 million people. Many major companies are spending lots of money to get a piece of that business. On the other hand, the U.S. multicultural population is nearly 100 million and its buying power is likely to reach U.S. $5 trillion by the year 2007, yet this target group remains nearly untapped.

Do any of these facts affect your business? YES! We simply cannot afford to ignore these changes. Smart leaders will align their business plans to leverage the opportunity. Many smart managers understand the importance of growing diverse markets, however, they consider them too complex. In fact, these markets are quite uncomplicated and the cost of entering these markets is far lower than the mainstream market.

The Asian/Indian edge
The Asian American segment in general, and specifically the Asian-Indian/South Asian segment, creates a unique and desirable opportunity. I personally prefer the term South Asian as it essentially covers the larger target market that is quite similar in psychographics. As a marketer I would divide South Asians into two groups; South Asian consumers and South Asian talent for employment. The overall South Asian American population is under three million (around one percent of the total U.S. population); however, they attribute some desirable consumer traits to the market:

* The annual household income of Asian Indians is among the highest– even higher than the general population.
* The level of education of Asian Indians is among the highest.

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