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India The Road Ahead

Keshav Murugesh
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Keshav Murugesh
The emergence of India as an economic and technological powerhouse may be the most surprising, most compelling, most inspiring story of the last thirty years. The road that India has taken was not always easy, nor was it always clear. Neither is the path ahead, but with a vision for the future, the discipline to persevere, and a commitment to work together as a nation to achieve our goals, anything is possible.

The Human Continuum

Predicting the future is difficult. No crystal ball, tea leaves or Nostradamus-like mysticism will enable anything but the murkiest of insights into what the future holds in store. However, to identify the singular force that will carry India forward is simple: all one needs to do is look to the past to realize that India’s greatest potential lies in its people.

They are the inspirational leaders that led India out of the colonial period and into independence. They are the politicians that laid the foundation for India’s economic revolution. They are the entrepreneurs that revolutionized the IT industry and brought about India’s rise to global prominence. It is this human element, this continuum of energy, vitality and innovation that will propel India into the 21st century and beyond.

And, while the majority of the world is aging, India’s population is becoming more youthful. This is an advantage that is impossible to overstate.

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Reader's comments(2)
1:Good luck Devendra Singh. You have noble thoughts.
Posted by: Iqbal Paul - 11th Dec 2009
2:Excellent article. I belong to a remote village in UP, did my early education in Hindi medium school, completed my engineering from BHU and served public sector in the begining followed by private sector and now working in Germany with MNC since last two years. I have developed a strong desire to return to India, serve people from my village, bring their hidden capabilities to the fore for some of them, and make them stand on their own helping others from the area to grow and stand on thier own.
Posted by: Devendra Singh - 11th Dec 2009
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